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Inverted cone shaped anchor

After millions of tests Shockproof and durable, 50 years warranty

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Mechanical anchor

Rear expansion expansion anchor is more secure No fear of high temperature welding

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Chemical anchor

Customizable Fast curing time and high anchoring strength

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Back bolt

Stainless steel, screw-in, tapping Various sizes can be customized

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The advantages of Shibang anchor

Reliable solution under high load and vibration

  • Exclusive customization

    Can be customized according to different needs
  • Wide temperature range

    -25 ° C ~ 35 ° C can be constructed
  • Anti-aging

    Anti-fatigue, anti-aging Corrosion resistance, creep resistance
  • Security

    Authoritative environmental testing safe and non-toxic
  • Green

    Convenient construction, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Excellent performance

    Non-intumescent bonding force, does not damage the substrate
  • Distance performance

    Suitable for small pitches, margins, and small spaces
  • Convenient

    Convenient and fast, no need to use glue
  • Wide range of applications

    We can customize all kinds of special-shaped anchors of carbon steel or stainless steel for customers.
    Designated brand for rail transit and subway projects

    Shibang anchor bolt basic technical parameters

    Stereotype / chemical anchor

  • Anchor bolt model


  • Screw length


  • Material

    Stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel

  • Material grade


  • Galvanizing process

    Cold galvanizing (hanging plating) / hot dip galvanizing / Dacromet galvanizing / alloy galvanizing

  • Mechanical anchor

  • Anchor bolt model


  • Screw length


  • Material

    Stainless steel / galvanized carbon steel

  • Material grade


  • Galvanizing process

    Cold galvanizing (hanging plating) / hot dip galvanizing / Dacromet galvanizing / alloy galvanizing

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