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Excellent performance

6 major advantages to ensure construction safety

  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Strong toughness
  • high strength
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • 12KHigh-precision carbon wire

    Original imported construction fabric special 12K high precision carbon wire finished products
    Quality, far exceeding industry design standards

  • 0.8g

    A single tow weighs only 0.8g per meter

  • 1/4x

    The density is only 1/4 of the steel

  • 10x

    10 times stronger than steel

  • 500kg

    Can withstand 500 kg of pull per square millimeter

  • advanced equipment

    Weaving with the world's most advanced German imported intelligent carbon fiber weaving machine, Advanced equipment is not only large, but also can be customized to different widths

    Powerful weaving process

    The carbon filaments are evenly distributed, and each carbon filament has a force.

    Unbelievable strength tension

    Strong tensile strength makes smoother, smoother and easier pasting

    Prestressed carbon plate

    High strength · Easy construction
  • Selected imported carbon fiber yarn, resistant to damp heat and aging

  • High straightness, high strength compared to steel, and only 1/5 of the steel, with high toughness

  • Can be used in prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement systems

  • Compatible with the same product

    The same quality blends to create the perfect bonding performance.
    According to the ductility of carbon wire, Shibang developed a matching carbon fiber impregnating rubber.
    Matching performance, greatly improving the tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth.

    +SHB-A503 carbon fiber impregnating rubber

    Meet the national A grade rubber standard

    Perfectly passed 19 safety tests: according to national standards GB50728-2011 "Technical Specification for Safety Evaluation of Engineering Structure Reinforcement Materials" Provisions must be made for engineering structural reinforcement materials and products that involve engineering safety. Pass the safety appraisal as required by this specification.

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